Spypoint Force 10 Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality trail cam with great specs in a compact form at a friendly price, the Spypoint might be the one for you. The super-compact SPYPOINT FORCE-10 trail camera features a 10-megapixel digital sensor capable of taking HD color video- in color by day and monochrome by night.

It features 42 powerful, low-glow LED lights for night time photos. It is ideal when ease of carry matters, and excels at taking photos without spooking game animals. The convex motion sensor maximizes the detection angle of the 5 detection zones it provides. Detection range can be adjusted between 5 to 80ft. The Spyforce has an outstanding battery life and is compatible with rechargeable lithium batteries.


  • Ultra fast detection speed
  • Up to 16-month battery life
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent night videos


  • Some blurring on moving subjects
  • No python bracket

This popular trail cam has become a favorite with hunters in this year. With its amazing speed and extremely long battery life, in with a camera that you can take home for only $110 it clearly offers a great value for the price.
The Spypoint Force 10 is tiny compared to most trail cams and is easy to conceal in nearly any environment. It comes with a detachable bracket for mounting or quick removal. There’s no built-in python bracket, but it does feature is a tripod insert on the bottom.
The internal screen is easy to see and use, even though it lacks an internal viewer.

The back of the camera opens up to a battery compartment which takes 6 AAs. Batteries are easy to insert and remove. The spring and compartment are built well and hold the batteries firmly to ensure good power contact. Programming this trail cam is easy and user-friendly, making it a great choice for anyone using a trail camera for the first time.

This camera may suffer in the area of durability. When field testing in some harsher climates, some of these have either stopped working or stopped detecting. At the price and its compact size, this is not an immediate deal breaker. Just keep in mind that enduring extreme conditions might not be one of this camera’s strengths.

It has an amazingly fast snap trigger and recovery time of 0.32 and 0.52 respectively. It’s video trigger and video recovery are 1.15 seconds and 0.9 seconds respectively with a range of 60 feet. For a camera priced at $110, these speeds are outstanding. The triggers are great, and recovery is excellent. That is where your value really becomes apparent with this camera.

Its 60ft detection range is about standard for today’s trail cameras, and nothing to complain about with a compact model like this. Compared to other train cams in its price range, the detection zone on the Spypoint Force 10 is among the best.

Daytime photos offer decent depth and color, with some blurring on moving subjects when the camera is shooting in low light situations. Night images can also be blurry if the animals are moving around a lot. Daytime photos are somewhat darker than what would be ideal. But the video quality is excellent, even at night. The flash comes in bright and clear with this camera.

Bottom Line

If you’re working on a budget, if you want several cameras, or if you’re buying for a novice or a young hunter- this camera can be ideal. It’s best suited to a fair climate with mild weather and temperatures. Photos can be disappointing if game animals are moving too fast, and will be too dark if the lighting isn’t just right. Because this camera has such an outstanding battery life, we recommend using the video mode for most situations. That seems to take care of most of the imaging issues and only cuts your battery life down by about 25% on average.

Overall, this trail camera is not the top of the line- but it’s nothing to be sneezed at. It is excellent for novices, and in situations where conditions are clear and temperate. The Fall, when deer are most active and the weather is still reasonably fair- that’s when this camera will be at its best.

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Stealth Cam P18 Review: Solid Performance for a Great Price

For anyone who needs a good, solid little game camera, Stealth Cam continues to lead the way. The Stealth Cam P18 is capable of taking both video and stills by timer or movement, gives a clean, clear image and is ridiculously easy to operate. Add in a favorable price point that comes in under $100, and you have a product that every hunter or land owner can afford.

The uses for this little cam are multiple — whether you’re interested in seeing the nightlife around your favorite deer stand or you use it for home security, you’ll get great visuals on what’s going on when you’re not looking. When you’re ready to see the pics, simply pull the SD card and pop it in the computer.

Clever Design, Easy Set Up

The Stealth Cam P18 comes complete with batteries and 4 GB SD card, though you’ll likely want a bigger card once you really get going. One of the more user-friendly scouting cams on the market, the P18 comes ready-to-use with three preset modes or the ability to adjust the mode manually. Another feature users will love is the realistic tree bark graphic, composed from a digital 3D image, that lets the cam blend seamlessly into any woodland scene to reduce the risk of theft.

Impressive Specs

A nice 7 megs of clarity and a 50-foot range capability ensure that you’ll get good value for your dollar. This little cam takes daylight photos in color and nighttime photos in black and white, all without sacrificing clarity. Record up to 15 seconds of video without draining your batteries, or set the cam to burst mode to capture up to six still images per trigger. This version has no sound.

Solid Results

You’ll get the best results from this cam if you set it up to face north. Any other position can result in sun glare that causes the cam to trigger when no animals are present. This position also helps you avoid finding a memory card filled with over-exposed shots. While night shots are a bit grainy, they’re still remarkably readable, and will allow you to see exactly what’s passing by your property within feet of your camera.

One possible downside to the P18 is that long-range pics may be barely discernable. Though the specs site a 50-foot range, most users have found the prime target area to be between 10 and 20 feet. This shouldn’t be a deterrent so long as you set your cam to a 45-degree angle to the trail you wish to monitor so that you capture the movement as it heads toward the camera. But if you’re looking for a camera to take long-range stills that are highly readable, another camera might be a better choice.

 Extended Battery Life

Battery life on the Stealth Cam P18 is excellent, even when video is involved. This model takes 8 double-A batteries, and as long as you use alkaline or rechargeables, you’ll be pleased with how long they last.

All in all, for the price, the Stealth Cam P18 — just like most Stealth Cam products to date — is a fun and easy investment. It won’t give you the high definition night time shots that pricier models are capable of, but for basic monitoring, scouting and home security, it’s an excellent choice. Ease of use is another factor that makes the P18 a good choice, especially for beginners. Ready to go right out of the box, this handy little cam will have you up and running in minutes.

What’s in your backyard? Find out today when you mount the Stealth Cam P18 Compact Scouting Camera. You’ll be pleased with the results.

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Browning Dark Ops Elite Review

The Browning Dark Ops Elite is nearly identical to the Browning Strike Force Elite, with a couple notable exceptions. It’s a solid, reliable camera with a clear, sharp daytime picture and equally impressive night shots. It differs from the Strike Force in that its nighttime flash is undetectable to the human eye, as opposed to the red flash seen with other models.

The camera features a compact case, 10 megapixel still camera and a 1280 X 720 HD video camera. It has a 55 ft. range and an infrared flash for night shots. This feature allows the flash to go off undetected, so there’s no risk of scaring off game.

  • Other notable features and facts include:
  • A .67 second trigger speed.
  • 70′ flash range
  • Dimensions are 4.5″ x 3.25 x 2.5″
  • Photos are time and date stamped, with additional data, including moon phase, barometric pressure and camera I.D.
  • Takes six AA batteries.
  • Expandable memory thanks to SD card slot.

Trusted Brand, Proven Performance

Browning is a trusted brand in trail cameras, so whether you are just buying your first camera, or have owned many in the past, you can’t really go wrong. What makes this particular model a good choice does boil down to personal preference. Each model and brand has its strong and weak points, but as long as you are purchasing a quality piece of equipment, a lot of your decision is going to be based on what is important to you. Here are some points to consider when deciding whether to purchase the Dark Ops or another model.

Speed is a big factor, as is picture quality. Daytime photos are crisp with good color. The camera is fast enough to get clear shots even when there is a lot of motion. Nighttime shots are good quality, and video is also sharp. Trigger speed is fast, and for a trail camera in this price point this is a great deal.

According to specs, the Dark Ops has a range of about 55 feet. Results may vary though, putting it at a more realistic 35 – 40 feet under many circumstances. Still, the camera performs well and does a good job of detecting animals in its range.

The Dark Ops features a few different settings, including burst mode (be careful of eating up memory) and can be easily adjusted to your preferences. Battery efficiency is one of the major benefits of this model. It takes six AA batteries, as compared to other brands that take eight. For best battery efficiency, use lithium batteries.

This is one of the more compact cameras on the market. It is water-resistant and easy to operate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a well-performing trail camera at a good price. There are a few issues that seem to plague the camera. While not everyone experiences this particular problem, there have been complaints of the latch breaking. Also, some people get frustrated trying to get the SD card out of the slot, but it’s really not a big deal once you get used to it.

Like any other camera, you need to play with it a little, get to know its settings and rest assured that if your Browning Dark Ops trail camera comes to you faulty or damaged, Browning will repair or replace it right away.

Browning is a company with a good reputation that does stand behind its product. While the Dark Ops may not be for everyone, it’s a solid camera that does what it’s supposed to and we love the stealthy black flash and excellent quality picture. The good battery life is a bonus, as well as its compact size.

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